Office Space

The first post ever

20 June 2018

Look! Another new company!

That is not us. We are different. No. Seriously. Stop lauging. Okay, keep laughing. The topic seems to be taken as a joke most of the time anyway...

We can't stand porn. It sucks the life out of you. But, are you really addicted? I mean isn't that what drugs and alcohol do? Yes. On both counts. Porn actually creates the same endorphines as drugs and alcohol. Shocked? We aren't.

In fact, there is not much of anything that shocks us anymore. That includes that most estimates have somewhere around 68% of men looking at it on a regular basis. Or, the one that almost 98% of under 18 kids have been exposed to it already. But we all know stats can be manipulated. So what that could really mean is that 32% of men don't look at porn at all! and a full 2% of kids never see it. That must mean this porn addiction thing must be a myth right?

Let us help. Somebody needs to tell you to stop jerking off. To stop wasting time looking at porn when you could be looking at your naked wife. Stop living the fantasy and start living the faith.

Did we mention this is all confidential? We even have non-disclosures if you need one. We of course hope you tell your spouse or a an accountabilty parther and will help you with that too.

Just to get it out of the way, we do charge money. I know. Shocking. "You guys care so much, you charge. You are trying to make money off my pain!" Nope. When we gave it away for free for years, we had people not take it seriously. The minute we charged, people saw the value. Shocking indeed.

Yes, you don't know us and we have yet to meet. If you give us a chance, we will have never met (non disclosure) and you will be free. What is stopping you now?