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Do you ever feel like you are alone?

I think as a veteran I feel that a lot. As a Christian I know there are tons of people out there claiming to be, but a veteran is currently like 1% of the population. That can be a little bit overwhelming to think about. Random thought, I know.

Why do I feel that way? Why am I talking about veterans? Am I trying to brag about being one?

I have a point to all of this believe it or not.

No, I am not trying to win an award with this post. Just some thoughts I thought I would share.

I feel that way sometimes due to the immense patriotism I was part of during my time in the Army. I was Infantry which can lead to so many more stories, but for today the point is I was built differently. I was trained to be another number, part of a bigger machine, yet, I now feel seperate from others.

I think some of this comes from the immense pressure I feel to build this company.

I watch so many families falling apart, kids lost, and men angry because they can not figure it all out.

Eddie has to constantly remind me that God is in charge, not me and that I am never alone, ever.

Friends are good. Family is good. So why this feeling?

Back to the pressure to succeed. I gave up being rich a long time ago. What do I need with a house that has its own zip code?

I would like more time just like so many others, sure.

I would like to be able to travel more without worrying about the money coming in too.

I think as I type, I just want to contribute something bigger than my own ego. I want to create something that will be here long after I am gone. More importanly, I want to help others.

In my current day job, I help veterans daily with life decisions, career paths, education guidance, addiction freedom, feelings of self doubt, frustrations, PTSD, etc. I am blessed to do that.

The problem with that is I get bogged down in all the nonsense. Why should I have to spend two hours typing an email because I am terrified I will offend someone or have something used against me in it? That is no way to live. I stay because of the good I can do.

And there I am back to the alone.

I look at the world differently than many others.

I see a wrong and will fix it if I am able. I believe you should open doors for women. I believe in saying yes sir and yes mam (even at my age). I beleive that God is up there and Jesus is His son. I don't care what the latest poll says I should think, I still believe in the red, white and blue. I think we should spend more time helping each other than splitting into some group.

I don't have to agree with you and you don't have to agree with me, but we both have to be civil about it.

I don't care about the latest trends. I quit buying the latest electronics because they are new.

No bragging about the military here. But, it did change me.

I belive in honor and integrity, and I honestly don't care that you don't. It is still the right way to live.

I guess I will stop rambling now.

Just know that if you feel alone, you are not alone. We all do.

If Eddie was here, he would hit a table and say you are never alone!

It's not the feeling of being alone that is wrong. It is what you do with that feeling. Just like how life hits you. You have to take that feeling of being alone and say "fine, what can I learn from this?"

I just rambled. Publicliy. Write your feelings out. Figure it out. Talk to someone.

I promise, you are never alone and God knows what you are going through.

Mustard seed faith is hard, but there is nothing stronger.