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We are a group of men who have gone through  porn addiction and come out the other side. We have years of case studies, real world experience and education that have allowed us to create and utilize successful recovery systems.


Available Services

We offer online classes set within a private group setting where members feel confident in their recovery and rebuilding. These classes give you a safe place to become a part of a community of men fighting alongside you. Other services are available including one on one consulting, group presentations, church strategic planning, and social media and conference participation.

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Concierge Consulting

We offer personalized, confidential consulting on your schedule. We specialize in helping Doctors, Pastors, Ministers, lawyers, CPAs, and other professionals break their addictions. We will sign non-disclosures and nobody will know we are working with you unless you tell them.

Giving a Lecture

Educational Services

Red IX Boot Camp is a 9-week program offering real-world tools and strategies to help not only help break porn addiction but also bring clarity and focus back to your life. Within our online communities, we help men break free from their past shame and guilt and allow them to be real with where they are without judgment. Privacy is important to us and our men and we do not share our email list or who attends our classes.

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Who we are


Chris Cox is a Christian, husband, father, and veteran. He has a heart for helping men become the best versions of themselves. He has a M.S. in Human Resource Development, and a certificate from American Christian Counselors in Sex Addiction.

Eddie Hanson is a Christian who loves his wife and his weiner dogs. He has started and successfully run multiple businesses and has a passion for helping others. He has a B.S. in Political Science and History.

Red IX Boot Camp
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Would you like to request more information?

We provide confidential services. Please tell us in the message: the best way (phone, email, text), time (morning, afternoon, night, or a specific time), and day of the week to contact you.


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